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[COMMUNITY] Radios portraits
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Author:  bgiesing [ Sat Apr 11, 2015 1:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [COMMUNITY] Radios portraits

Hello, my name is Brandon Giesing. I am currently a senior in High School and on track to graduate in ~20 school days. I am interested in Technology and have Autism/Aspergers.

My radio station is called Vox Variety and is part of my Team Voxive project where I make some random stuff like Tech videos and Android Root utilities. This station (as the title implies) is a mix of basically everything and I mean everything. Most variety stations will only play the major genres like Pop, Rock, RnB, and Country. I play those plus Classical music, Jazz, Disco, Groove, Latino music, Dance/Dubstep, and even unusual songs from Commercials, TV, Video Games, and Movies.

I am looking on ways to improve it and I already modified the initial lineup (Added more country) thanks to some suggestions from friends. I am looking to add talk segments if anybody wants to contribute. (Can basically be about anything!)

You can view the show schedule here. and you can listen here!

Author:  Filipo [ Mon Apr 13, 2015 9:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [COMMUNITY] Radios portraits

I've been funda galaxy A5 on Radionomy for a few months now and to be honest, never had a need funda galaxy A3 to post here on the forum.

Author:  Mopserator [ Thu Jul 02, 2015 7:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [COMMUNITY] Radios portraits

Well then, Hello @ all :)

As I have often thought of starting a broacaster career on my own but turned out to become a biologist, I was really excited as I discovered Radionomy a few months ago. The LMM - LuftMops Metalradio on Radionomy was born.
A friend of mine joined me and we can now provide a cool mixture of all sorts of metal. Now we try very hard to fit the audience thresholds and keep the station running. Our plan was to bring a quality metal station with a bit of geeky yet easy to understand science to our listeners, as well as spreading the word for the good in the world!

Right now we are a team of two. Both biologists. Both metal geeks. Both nerds.
If you like metal and you are somekind of nerd as well as a little freaky we would be pleased to start a cooperation or even teaming up. :)

Thanks to all who have given awesome advice in the forums! Thanks to the Radionomy staff!
Best wishes,

Author:  johnsyk [ Sun Sep 06, 2015 3:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [COMMUNITY] Radios portraits

Hello all,

My name is John and its been a week since I created Radio Nursery here on Radionomy.

I am a commercial FM radio broadcaster for the last 16 years and have always wanted to do something on my own - Start a station online where I can create something from start to finish. I did think of multiple streaming options and decided on Radionomy. I think the concept is cool and in many ways, the audience requirements are good - kinda puts gentle pressure on ensuring that we bang out quality content to keep the numbers up. And thats a good thing!

Its been a week since I launched my station. My station targets kids and moms with Nursery Rhymes, Hit Music from family movies. Yes, Frozen gets played a lot. :)

I am still in the process of getting my imaging sorted and my imaging should be up by next week. I also have a website up -

Though I do know RCS and the workings of a commercial FM station on the traditional FM dial, internet radio is still new to me. Running this online station will also help me learn the nuances of online radio which I am sure will help me in my career too. is a complete website with info for moms on raising their kids well. Top 5 Lists, parental advice and more. My online station compliments what I have on the website and I am hoping that in time, my listening hours will pick up.

Thank you all and All the best!

Author:  COMLife [ Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [COMMUNITY] Radios portraits

Hello Dear Music Lovers,

I’m Luc Dermul, a Belgian online entrepreneur who happens to love music.

Living in “the big apple of Flanders” Antwerp with my two amazingly energetic sons Isaak and Zanoah.

I am specialized in Local Business Consultancy & Affiliate Marketing. (CEO COMLife VOF -

I'ts been over a month now that I started my radio here on Radionomy. Radio BDMA - Blind Date With A Music Artist (Still new to all this , but getting there ;) )

You can visit my website here :

I started this radio project to entertain an international audience who like me are online marketers. For now I just play day templates till I have learned more about the Radionomy platform on how to go live :)

There is a weekly updated program and a monthly "Win A Prize!" for my listeners.


Luc, a music lover too.

Author:  Keshinro [ Mon Oct 19, 2015 5:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [COMMUNITY] Radios portraits

Hello all, I am a passionate singer in Nigeria. I seek to join the radionomy team as a radio manager. My goal is to feature a lot of Northern Nigerian secular music on the radio "northnaijamz' with radionomy. However I am yet a novice, I am not so aware on how to create my radio. Once I log into my account in order to upload a profile picture, I get the message radio not found. I need help.

A lot of voices want to be heard. many people in these parts will later get accustomed to the use of the radio, It will be my duty to see that get done. Thanks everyone.

Author:  4lobos [ Mon Dec 21, 2015 2:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [COMMUNITY] Radios portraits

I am Joe Lobo and I just started broadcasting radio station named "4Lobos Konkani Radio Station" using Radionomy Manager, have created Konkani Music for my fellow Goans world wide to listen to their mother tongue.
Although I have created day template i see that my Konkani music is not broadcasting but all I hear is english and spanish music on my radio station.
Need help to get my station broadcasting in Konkani Language.

Joe Lobo
4 Lobos Konkani Radio Station

Author:  OliviaVespera [ Sun Feb 07, 2016 4:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [COMMUNITY] Radios portraits

Established in Cargo hold 7D of the Lakon Type-9 Heavy, Zombie Wasp IV, Wasp Radio is catered towards the members of the Distant Worlds Expedition playing tunes about travel, exploration and loneliness.

Wasp Radio is a themed and in-character radio station targeted at players of the game, Elite: Dangerous. A multiplayer space flight simulator game.
Specifically Wasp Radio is in the Distant Worlds Expedition fleet, travelling slowly to Beagle Point, the star system on the other side of the galaxy, 65000 lightyears from Sol.
The expected in game journey is scheduled to take 3 months in real time. (and that long to get back to inhabited space).
Given the distances we must travel and the dangers due to complacency, Wasp Radio was started to address these concerns but keeping our pilots, Safe, Alert and most definitely entertained.

We have musical segments that looked like this but we've changed things up a bit since.

Week to week we have news updates from both the fleet, and GalNet as well as having hosted ARG-like games through the use of morse code.

We have a facebook here.
and are listed on TuneIn here.
Our primary forum post is located here.
More information on distance worlds expedition can be gleaned from the DWE newsletters here

Assets borrowed from Elite Dangerous, with permission of Frontier Developments plc

Author:  OurMSGBroadcast [ Sun Mar 27, 2016 7:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [COMMUNITY] Radios portraits

Hi Everyone!,

Im James, I own and operate Our MSG Broadcast, we run, where we host tournament events for gamers, and bring direct content to them about Gaming.
Under the exterior of the gaming community, we started as a indie pirate radio, lol, just wanted people to hear the artists we liked. It grew into a worldwide small exclusive radio for that genre of music, Horrorcore. But the Scene quickly changed as we grew our passion was no longer just "our homies music" but to Anyone with a passion and no place to grow and cultivate. But the scene was too unpredictable, unorganized artists and venues that just didnt care about a proper "Event". We took a break to replan the venture. Behold Our MSG Broadcast!, An open platform for artists and talk shows to express and discuss ideas to bring one Artist needing help to a Producer selling beats, to Street Teams promoting local shows needing a way to tell lots of people in an area. With "Our" network of users we can find people in your area looking to promote, earning rewards with us, as well as venues we know that have solid reps (wish i had more), We strive to bring content directed to gamers and techies, but we play alot of small locals, and we have more mature based shows and interviews, think younger Stern without being x rated, but we strive to bring content our listeners can have fun with. MSG refers to the community we have, but also means "message", which is what all artists have, a message in the music, a lesson, meaning, substance! Art is an Expression, and the message in the expression could be profound, or just get you through the day. Broadcast is obvious, its a show! So thats that about us stuff, We dont do this to be rich, or famous, just to open doors for people, helping others outreach to new places and learn. Sometimes the unheard voice is powerful. We do Events and Giveaways for our members, and we use call ins, and lottery systems for members, we offer a Voip Community, V.I.P. Rewards, Earn free stuff Coaching for games, Claning, Guilding, Teams, streams, mobile apps, Java Tools, Member Authentication, Support Teams, Advertising Teams, Ect. we plan to make lots of On - Air Events. Contact me for any ideas.

Author:  boopster [ Thu Oct 20, 2016 7:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [COMMUNITY] Radios portraits

Hallo allemaal,

Ik ben deze week gestart Drivers Night Radio, ik ben alles nog aan het verkennen maar tot nu helemaal top!
Aankomende week hoop ik alles te snappen omtrent de functies. Tot nu toe heb ik vijf of zes luisteraars gehad maar ik doe vast wat verkeerd aangezien ik ze niet zie bij mijn stats.
Misschien dat iemand weet dat indien je zelf een app hebt gemaakt met een livestream, deze de luisteraars niet weergeeft?

In elk geval wens ik iedereen succes met zijn of haar station.

En ik wil Radionomy bedanken voor de mogelijkheid die ze bieden om dit geheel legaal te mogen doen!

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