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Dispointing performance throughout test period
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Author:  SamualW [ Sat Jul 18, 2015 5:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Dispointing performance throughout test period

Main issues with Radionomy from my viewpoint:

Lack of ShoutCast Database Listing for new Stations:
Numerous times have asked why Radionomy stations don't show proper information for Shoutcast related station players in Second Life. I am guessing is because they withhold adding new stations to the free Shoutcast database until they reach 130 listening hours a day. Which makes Zero sense. Without this, any Second Life station looks like it is broken, has issues, not very professional. Nice Error message on any Shoutcast playing device (standard for Second Life). Any shoutcase type stream service can provide this information automatically and provide Shoutcast V1 or V2. Why Radionomy withholds this is beyond me.

Constant Lost of Stream in SL:
For what ever reason, most likely the switching back and forth from programmed music to Advert or some other 3rd party monitoring system, causes streams to just go silent while listening in Second Life, and require them to be toggled. Very hard to keep a good listening audience if your stream constantly goes silent

Programming is a nightmare:
You spend hours laying out clocks, scheduled playlists, and timelines only to get a ERROR, then drag drop a few more times into the calendar and finally it takes. Or have to go back and adjust numerous Constraints trying to find a balance.

I've used systems like Centova and others which seem to have a much more smart algorithm to figure out track timing and sorting. Never been a fan of web based programs but seems so many others doing it better.

Seems entire Radionomy system went down other day, lost station, websites wouldn't come up. Listeners dropped to zero again.

Very hard to promote a station that goes silent, offline, reports Errors on standard Shoutcast Second Life devices and more issues.

It's a shame, Radionomy overall concept seems outstanding, but execution is still in development.

Just my 2 cents.

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