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Author:  Bob [ Wed Jan 21, 2015 12:45 am ]
Post subject:  5. Planning

5. Planning

Last step before the broadcasting of your program on your radio, the planning, which is the integration of your Day Templates in the monthly broadcast calendar up to 30 days in advance.

This calendar is available in the "Planning" section of your Planner and appears as follows:

5. Planning.png
5. Planning.png [ 119.59 KiB | Viewed 14458 times ]

    1) The calendar of the current month shows the days already scheduled and those yet to be set.

    2) The browser calendar allows you to move to the next or previous month.

    3) The list of Day Templates that you have created.

    4) The advertising time control panel.

    5) The various buttons that allow you to edit your calendar.

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Author:  Bob [ Wed Jan 21, 2015 12:54 am ]
Post subject:  5.1 Generating a Planning

5.1 Generating a Planning

To generate a planning, simply select the Day Template you want to schedule at a specific date and drag & drop that date in the calendar.

5.1 Generating a Planning.png
5.1 Generating a Planning.png [ 84.51 KiB | Viewed 14458 times ]

The different steps for generating a planning are:
    1) POOLED: The Day Template is placed in a queue on Radionomy servers in order to gather all the information required for its generation.
    It will be processed as soon as all the plannings already in queue and all radio stations have been generated for the previous days.

    2) GENERATING: When the process is taking place, the generator selects different elements from your Planning based on the Day Template.

    3) GENERATED: When generation is successfully completed your Planning is ready to be broadcasted.

5.1 Generating a Planning - 2.png
5.1 Generating a Planning - 2.png [ 5.31 KiB | Viewed 14458 times ]

You can delete an already generated Planning by clicking on the red x for that day on the calendar or overwrite an existing Planning by dragging and dropping another Day Template on such date.

If you want to schedule the same Day Template for several days of the calendar, you can also select a Planning generated with the relevant Day Template and drag and drop the file to another time rather than repeating the operation multiple times from the Day Templates list.

However, there are cases when the generation could not be successfully completed and the calendar date will display:

5.1 Generating a Planning - 3.png
5.1 Generating a Planning - 3.png [ 1.72 KiB | Viewed 14458 times ]

  • Or the generator could not find any title to schedule on any Clock Box, mostly due to repetition or broadcasting constraints,
  • Or even the generator has accumulated too many errors and has therefore interrupted the Planning generation.

In 5.3 Viewing and Editing a Planning we’ll see how to identify these errors.

Another case where generation was not successful is indicated at the calendar date by:

5.1 Generating a Planning - 4.png
5.1 Generating a Planning - 4.png [ 1.88 KiB | Viewed 14458 times ]

  • You have crashed a Planning 10 times on that same date. The last Planning successfully generated will be stored for broadcasting.
    However, to some extent, delete this Planning using the red x and relaunch a new generation.
  • The generator is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance or a one-time technical problem. In this case, you must resume the operation later.
    If a Planning had been previously generated at that date, it will be stored for broadcasting.

When you click "GENERATED" on a calendar day, you’ll open the schedule generated for the selected day.

You’ll go to the following page:

5.1 Generating a Planning - 5.png
5.1 Generating a Planning - 5.png [ 100.02 KiB | Viewed 14458 times ]

This page contains three tabs, as explained below:

    1) Visualizing and Editing the Generated Planning
    2) Content (Podcasts)
    3) Logs
    4) On top of the page you’ll see the Day Template name, date of displayed day, generation date and the number of times the Planning has been generated by that date.
    5) The "Export" button allows you to export the planning in .csv format into your PC
    6) “Save Planning” allows you to save a manual edit for the Planning.
    7) “Search Tracks” allows you to search for a title to be embedded in a generated Planning; for more details, see Chapter 5.3 Editing a Planning.

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Author:  Bob [ Wed Jan 21, 2015 12:56 am ]
Post subject:  5.2 Visualizing the Planning

5.2 Visualizing the Planning

On this page you’ll find all the elements to be broadcasted, selected by the generator in your Day Template from:

  • Clocks (sequence of various Boxes)
  • Playlists
  • Promo soundtracks scheduled for a fixed hour
  • Advertisement fillers

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Author:  Bob [ Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:11 am ]
Post subject:  5.2.1 Clock generation

5.2.1 Clock generation

The only two rules applied to the generator are:

  • Balancing the number of soundtrack scheduled in a same Box
  • Respecting broadcasting and repetition constraints defined for your Boxes or their content.

When the generator needs to select a soundtrack from a Box (as indicated by one of your Clocks), it will therefore pick up randomly from the complete list of soundtracks in the Box especially among the less often broadcasted; unauthorized tracks are removed from this list due to constraints. If a track is not found for this Box, the generator moves onto the next Box.
If no file is found for any of the Boxes of the current Clock, the generation is interrupted for this Clock.

'Pop' box with a 180-minute limit constraint on the artist Michael Jackson and 2 hours after the song "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson has been scheduled, the generator must again pick up a piece in the 'Pop' Box.
Then all M. Jackson songs contained in the Box will be removed from the list of songs among which the Generator makes a random selection because the constraint specifies a limit of 3 hours for the artist M. Jackson.

So the stricter your constraints, the more the song list from which the motor will pick up will be reduced each time.

On the other hand, the less strict your constraints, the more will your soundtrack be broadcasted in order to allow the generator to balance the broadcast frequency of each element in the Box.

Here is the base equation:

(Full Box) - (titles forbidden by constraints) = (residual Box in which the generator picks, prioritizing less frequently scheduled soundtracks with identical tempo if possible}.

We've taken the above example for a single Box, but a constraint applied to a Box or soundtrack will affect other following boxes and other Clocks if the constraint’s period requires it.
For more details, please refer to point 2.6 Editing Box/Soundtrack Constraints.

For a more varied program, start by adjusting your repetition and broadcasting constraints.
Then, make sure that your Boxes have a good variety of different songs and artists, and check that certain artists are not too present in different Boxes at the same time, to avoid the Constraints from limiting the list of songs available when a track is to be selected.

The name of the Clock from which each title is drawn appears to the right of the line of the song in the Planning, which will make things easier if you need to change it.

NOTE: Upon broadcasting, a Planning title selected in a Clock can be skipped when broadcasting has fallen behind the Planning’s schedule.
This delay can’t be due to the insertion of advertising breaks or Podcasts.
This synchronization occurs when, in real-time broadcasting, a song should start after the start time of the following song under the Planning schedule or it overlaps with the sequences in another or Clock or Playlist at the time set in the Day Template.

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Author:  Bob [ Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:13 am ]
Post subject:  5.2.2 Playlist Generation

5.2.2 Playlist Generation

The titles of a Playlist Box will be integrated into the Planning at the time set for The Playlist in the Day Template (without interrupting a title previously being broadcasted) ) and according to the title order of the Box.
The repetition and broadcasting constraints are therefore disabled for a Playlist in order to respect its content.

The name of the Playlist from which each title is drawn appears to the right of the line of the song in the Planning, which will make things easier if you need to change it.

NOTE: As it happens with Clocks, Podcasts and advertising breaks will be inserted in the Playlist and cause a possible broadcasting delay. For this reason, if you want your Playlist to be broadcasted entirely up to the last soundtrack, you will need to leave the box "Is Truncable" unchecked when editing the Playlist Box (see 2.11.2: Editing a Playlist) so that the following Clock starts later on.

Note that if you sequence one Playlist to another Playlist, the second one will interrupt the previous one even if the "Is Truncable" feature remains unchecked.

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Author:  Bob [ Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:15 am ]
Post subject:  5.2.3 Promo soundtrack

5.2.3 Promo soundtrack

We have seen above that you can include a Promo in your Planning in two different ways:

  • Through a Promo Box contained in a Clock; in this case, a Promo soundtrack will be randomly selected in this Box and included in your Planning.
  • Through the programming of a specific Promo soundtrack in the right area of the Day Template In this case, the Promo will be included in the Planning at a fixed time after the broadcasting of the current title is complete at the time set on the Day Template.

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Author:  Bob [ Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:19 am ]
Post subject:  5.2.4 Advertising Filler Generation

5.2.4 Advertising Filler Generation

The lines that appear with a green background in the Planning are advertising Filler, automatically inserted by the generator in the hours defined on your Template Day (see item 4.3.3
Setting Advertisements Screen Broadcast).

These sounds will be randomly selected from the Filler Box set on the Planning homepage with an optional, customized Intro and / or Extro.

5.2.4 Advertising Filler Generation.png
5.2.4 Advertising Filler Generation.png [ 9.79 KiB | Viewed 14458 times ]

If no Filler Box is set, then the generator will randomly insert soundtracks, but that would probably not match your program style. Therefore, refer to the point 2.16 Filler Box if this Box is faulty.

These sounds will be replaced by an advertising screen managed by Radionomy if your listener is geographically present in a region or country targeted by a campaign. Other "out of area" listeners will listen to the filler.

NOTE: A filler file has a void duration in the Planning as it may not be broadcasted if your radio is not subject to any campaign in any country. The broadcaster will then directly go to the following title.

When a filler is broadcasted, the broadcaster will then take two minutes and get behind the planning schedule. We have seen that this delay will be solved by skipping the broadcasting of a soundtrack in a Clock.

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Author:  Bob [ Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:26 am ]
Post subject:  5.3 Editing a Planning

5.3 Editing a Planning

Optionally, you can modify a Planning generated in different ways:

5.3 Editing a Planning.png
5.3 Editing a Planning.png [ 19.61 KiB | Viewed 14458 times ]

    1) Inserting a track (Music, Jingle, Promo, Voice Track)
    2) Moving a track in the Planning (except for Filler soundtracks)
    3) Visualizing track data
    4) Deleting a track.

Inserting a track

To insert a track, place your mouse over the track you want to add and click on the insertion icon upwards or downwards (1).
An alternative is to use the "Track Search" button on top of the page.
You will go to the next page, which will allow you to select a title among the soundtracks of your radio

5.3 Editing a Planning - 3.png
5.3 Editing a Planning - 3.png [ 18.75 KiB | Viewed 14458 times ]

When results are displayed, you will be able to:

    A. Click on the title to select it for insertion
    B. Listen to a title from the result list
    C. Confirm selection to return to the Planning page

5.3 Editing a Planning - 4.png
5.3 Editing a Planning - 4.png [ 46.82 KiB | Viewed 14458 times ]

Remember to click on the "Save Planning" button at the top right of your Planning for your addition to take effect.

Moving/Deleting a track

Using the double arrow icon, you can move the soundtrack up or down in the Planning.
The red x allows you to delete the selected soundtrack from the Planning.

In both cases, remember to click on the "Save Planning" button at the top right of your Planning for your addition to take effect.

Visualizing track data

By clicking on the information icon, you can see the cover, year, duration and tempo of a soundtrack.

5.3 Editing a Planning - 5.png
5.3 Editing a Planning - 5.png [ 42.21 KiB | Viewed 14458 times ]

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Author:  Bob [ Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:28 am ]
Post subject:  5.4 Podcast Content

5.4 Podcast Content

You’ll see that Podcasts will not appear in your Planning. The reason is very simple: The same Day Template may involve Podcasts of different length for a same Box and this duration can be changed depending on the update of each soundtrack (e.g. a Flash Info can last 2'45'' at a time of day and the same Flash Info will be then updated with a duration of 3'15'' a few hours later).
By clicking on the "Content" tab of a Planning, you can view and control the broadcasting schedule of all Podcasts that you have set in the Day Template used to generate the Planning.

5.4 Podcast Content.png
5.4 Podcast Content.png [ 55.77 KiB | Viewed 18312 times ]

NOTE 1: Podcast of or planning in of duration and Music in.
An eventual delay will be solved by skipping the broadcasting of a soundtrack in a Clock.
An advance will be offset by longer Podcasts or an advertising screen.

NOTE 2: If there are no valid or available Podcasts in a scheduled Podcast Box, the broadcasting will go on to the next title in the Planning.

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Author:  Bob [ Wed Jan 21, 2015 1:38 am ]
Post subject:  5.5 Generation Logs

5.5 Generation Logs

We strongly advise you to check your Planning logs, available in the "Logs" tab.

In a schedule with a "GENERATED" status, logs will end with the line "The schedule has been successfully generated and stored. The planning generation is completed.”

However, your Planning, even when successfully generated, could have messages that will require your attention:

Tempo Alert

"The soundtrack selected by the system has a very different tempo in relation to the previous element".

5.5 Generation Logs.png
5.5 Generation Logs.png [ 48.71 KiB | Viewed 18309 times ]

This message is not an error in itself, but it indicates the point at which the sequencing of two tracks can give a "brutal" broadcasting report due to a track ending with a slow tempo followed by a track with a rapid start or vice versa.
Optionally, you can then manually insert a jingle between both soundtracks.

Box ignored

“The box has been ignored. No soundtrack was consistent with the specified constraint criteria”

5.5 Generation Logs - 2.png
5.5 Generation Logs - 2.png [ 46.02 KiB | Viewed 18309 times ]

This is an error that appears when the random generator could not find a soundtrack in a Clock Box because the constraints defined for Boxes or tracks previously scheduled prohibit selection.

EXAMPLE: In the above image, the 60-minutes limit constraint over the repetition of Jingles Boxes were defined. Now this Box contains 3 Jingles and appears too regularly in a Clock. Part of these jingles will be scheduled, but all Jingles that are supposed to be released less than 60 minutes after a generator selection will be ignored.

To solve this, follow these steps:

  • Either reduce the Jingle Box repetition constraints
  • Or add more Jingles to the Box

Another error message may also be displayed: « The box has been ignored. It could not be used at this time due to specified constraints".

In this case, the generator could not use a Clock Box because its constraints –broadcasting constraints in this case– prohibit the use of the Box at the hour or day the Clock is programmed.

Clock error

If the generator can’t find a soundtrack to fill the planning in at least one of the Clock Boxes, then the planning will be tagged with the "ERROR" status.

The logs will display the last three lines in the image below:

5.5 Generation Logs - 3.png
5.5 Generation Logs - 3.png [ 26.85 KiB | Viewed 18309 times ]

EXAMPLE: To reproduce the errors mentioned in the picture above, we have created a Clock scheduled Sunday 05:00 -06:00, comprising two Boxes:

  • A Music Box with a broadcasting constraint prohibiting broadcasting on Sundays
  • A Jingle Box made of 3 jingles, all named "Jingle" in the artist name field, with a (default) 60-minutes constraint limiting artist repetition.

During Planning creation, the generator could not select a single title in the Music Box, since it is forbidden to broadcast on Sunday and could select only one jingle, since they all have the same artist name and that the same artist cannot be repeated within 60 minutes.

After selecting the first Jingle, the random generator could no longer select another single song in the two boxes of the Clock. The generation was therefore interrupted and the Planning turned to "ERROR" status.

Finally, regularly check your planning logs, even when successfully generated. This will prevent your radio from broadcasting a program that does not exactly match the one you prepared in the previous steps.

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