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:: Here is a quick tuto for the radio creators who'd like to use Sam broadcaster for "live sessions".::

You can download a limited version of Sam Broadcaster here:

1: SAM settings and connect ids.

- Open Sam Broascaster
- Click on Desktop B, you will see a window named Encoders.
- Click on + in this "Encoders" window, then a new window opens
- Choose the option "MP3 LAME_ENC".

Since SAM 4.9.0, the LEGACY MP3 codec doesn't appear in the list.

To start SAM and to show this codec you have to modify the SAM shortcut on your desktop.
Normally you should initially have:
c:\Program Files\SpacialAudio\SAMBC\SAMBC.exe /FBSS
Just add at the end this parameter: "/LEGACYENC"
So you will have :
c:\Program Files\SpacialAudio\SAMBC\SAMBC.exe /FBSS /LEGACYENC

Confirm by OK btn and then start SAM-B, you will see the Legacy MP3 (ACM Codec) in the list.

- Then you get a Converter tab. Choose this Bitrate: 128 kbps and Stereo mode.

- Now we go to the Server details tab. Server type:
* choose Shoutcast V1.
* Server IP: Type the IP server adress (Live URL under the "settings" tab of the RMO -> Technical Information)
* Port: Type the port number (Live Port under the "settings" tab of the RMO -> Technical Information)
* Password: Type the Live-password (When you create your radio this one is the same as the RMO password)

winamp-live8.jpg [ 23.74 KiB | Viewed 26745 times ]

– Always in this same tab, to the right in the Station details area, fill-in these:
* your radio name,
* genre (choose from the list),
* your web site. Don't touch anything more.
- Last tab Stream Archive: this tab is useful if you want to save your programs by recording. In this case, check the case and recording will automatically begin when you lauch the encoder (so when you go "Live")
Now you are ready to go "Live!"

2 - S.B Windows presentation:

We go back to desktop A

* DESK A and DESK B: These are the two players of Sam Broadcaster. You'll find an eject button to immediately stop the title actually playing. Another button allows you to switch to the next title with a fade-out. An equalizer helps you to finalize this switch.

* Voice FX: This area allows you to talk while broadcasting "Live". Be sure to switch the Mic ON. At everytime you want to talk you have to press the button 'Press to talk' or if you want to talk longer without staying pushing…then click on 'Lock talk'.

Beware: don't forget to push again on 'Lock talk' when you stop speaking !!!.

When you push to Press or Lock Talk, you'll talk over the music playing on desk A (or Desk B). To manage the volume, there is a "Music" cursor always in the window Voice FX. Use it to set the micro volume of your "live" talks. Then your configuration is in relation to your computer sound card.

* Playlist: You can create here your musical directories (dance,rap,rnb...) and after you have created them, choose one directory, then go to the window:

* Track in selected category: click on the arrow close to the +, and choose titles.
First time you do it, choose "Add Files", then select a title and validate. Once a first title is in the window, you only have to click on the +.
When you have successfully finished adding your titles (MP3 128), we go now to create a playlist, that will be performed in "Live". To do, that, just double-click on the titles you want to add to the playlist, the titles will be displayed in the window.

* Queue: In this window you will see your added titles in the proper order of broadcast with an approximate hour of airing. To start the playlist, simply double-click on the FIRST title. You can save your playlist by clicking on "Save queue as playlist".

* Sound FX: You will find Sound Effects!!! (such as screams, shots, etc…)

* History: You will find a history of the last 200 played songs.

BEWARE !!!! It is necessary to play a title with S.B, if you do not want the RM to go back and end the "Live" session, EVEN if the encoder plays.
TIP: create a "White" MP3 (without any music and talks) to play it as background during your live talk.

3 - SAM-BROADCASTER Error Codes:

Follow this link if you encounter an error code from SAM-B to solve it : ... rror-Codes

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