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:: To read BEFORE going Direct/Live for the first time. Here are the main responses to Frequently Asked Questions before beginning the adventure ... ::

:: Required ::

If you want to use the live function on the Radionomy platform, in order for it to work and to maintain your access, you must respect absolutely the following rules:

1 - A generated and active planning for the current day (when you broadcast live) must have been generated on the RMO
2 - You must have at least ONE listener connected to your radio
3 - Encoder settings: MP3 - 44100 Hz - 128 kbps (or less) - Stereo. Connection mode: Shoutcast V1
4 - Meta Tags must be correctly sent (Artist - Title). These tags must be sent for EACH SONG !!
5 - You must respect the following broadcasting rules:
a) no more than 3 musical pieces from the same album may be transmitted to the same listener within a 3 hours period (and no more than 2 of those musical pieces may be transmitted consecutively within a 3 hours period).
b) no more than 4 musical pieces by the same featured artist (or from a compilation album) may be transmitted to the same listener within a 3 hours period (and no more than 3 of those musical pieces may be transmitted consecutively within a 3 hours period).
6 - You must trigger two ad breaks of 2 minutes per hour.

1. Which software can I use to perform "Live Shows" on my radio?

The Radionomy platform is optimized for the use of these two softwares :

⇨ SAM Broadcaster (non-free), version 4.7.1 and later versions, with Legacy MP3 (ACM Codec) encoder
Download SAM Broadcaster :
⇨ Winamp (free), version 5.6x and later versions, with the Shoutcast DSP v2.x plug-in
> Download Winamp and SHOUTcast Source DSP plugin:

If you experience problems in direct relation with the use of these softwares, you should contact their support directly.

Other softwares, as VirtualDJ, may also be used to perform "live shows", but they are not optimized for the Radionomy platform. So we do not provide any support on these other softwares.

For Mac Os: you can use Nicecast : view this post...
(edit Nov.2013)

2. Do I have to plan my live broadcast in Radio Manager?

No, you have nothing to plan. Just generate and send your usual planning via the Radio Manager. When you'll begin your "live show" directly from your computer, the generated planning will be automatically suspended, switching to the live show, and will be restored automatically when you finish your live session on line.

3. Where can I find my login for connecting live.

You can find your Live credentials on the RMO under the "Settings" tab, then in the "Technical Information" part. You will find
- your URL for live
- your Live Port
By default, the live password is the same as your Radionomy's account but you can change it if, for example, other DJ's broadcast live on your station. Please note that a reboot (on the same page) is needed after a password change.

4. Can I modify my "Live Password" ?

By default, the "Live" password of a radio is the same as the one used to access the RMO (the one you use to connect on the RMO and

For security reasons, and to prevent you from communicating this general password to your partners, DJ's (that give acccess to the RMO and so to all your radio management, even the deletion), you may define a specific password for "Live" only. Of course, this is this one that you'll have to communicate.

How to create/modify your "Live Password" ?

- Click on "Settings" tab at top of the "RadioManager Online" (item 1 on the above picture) then on "Technical Information",
- Now click on "Change Live Password",

Setting-(gestion-live).jpg [ 116.5 KiB | Viewed 72568 times ]

- A new window now opens, and invites you to enter your password and to confirm it by a second typing
- To activate this "Live Password" you must REBOOT your radio, so click on the REBOOT button at the bottom of this page.
(reminder: of course when you reboot, all listeners are briefly disconnected from your radio).

Setting-Live-changer-mot-de-passe(animateur).jpg [ 62.26 KiB | Viewed 72568 times ]

Important: It is impossible in any way to recover the "Live Password" you have created. If you lose it, you will have to modify it following the process above.

Automatic password generator exists. Just choose a password with at least 10 caracters and with numbers and letters.
We however recommand you to avoid the use of special characters such as: à, é, è, ù, , - _ ! ( ) . ).

5. I am not able to connect, my software shows the message "Invalid Password", What must I do ?

This can be due to several things.

⇨ passwords are case-sensitive, so double check when you type it
⇨ check that you type the password "manually" (copy–paste function may not be supported)
⇨ check that your password does not contain accents. If such case, you must modify your password.
⇨ you have just modified your password but you did not restart your radio yet.

So, if after password modification and restart of your radio, it still doesn't work, a system update may be necessary, because the delay between the modification and your first connection is too short.

For that simply go to: Start Menu / "Run..." / cmd
Then type this command: ipconfig/ flushdns

If after all these checks, and only if you have the required softwares (SAM Broadcaster or Winamp), post a new topic on the "Live" forum concerning your radio.

6. I cannot connect, I got this message "Couldn't connect to the server", what must I do ?

This can come from several things.

⇨ does your radio get at least one listener at the time when you try to connect?
⇨ You do not broadcast at the right format: mp3 128 kbps or lower is only accepted
⇨ Your stream is inadequate or you use wi-fi Internet connection
⇨ you haven't updated your DNS, to update it, go to: Start Menu / "Run..." / cmd
Then type this command: ipconfig /flushdns

If after all these checks, and only if you have the required softwares (SAM Broadcaster or Winamp), post a new topic on the "Live" forum concerning your radio.

7. When i select Legacy MP3 (ACM Codec) in SAM Broadcaster, i cannot choose any quality options (max 56 kbps, for example). What can I do ?

Here is a tutorial that shows how to resolve it :: ... oadcaster/

8. Performing my live show, my radio sometimes goes back to the RM planning, and then returns to live. What must I do ?

So, your internet connection is not stable enough, or your stream is inadequate! That's what causes packet losses which result in temporary returns to your RM planning.

⇨ If you have a high-speed internet connection but are using wi-fi, please try an Ethernet cable connection .
⇨ If it is about an inadequate stream, you can try to broadcast with a lesser one. For example: mp3 - 96 kbps.

If the problem still occurs, unfortunately, there is no solution. You must get a stable Internet connection and adequate stream in order to be able to broadcast online.

9. While on "Live", my radio does not display the tracks/Artists played, is that normal?

That means that you don't correctly send the metadata of your songs from your software, and more precisely in the “Artist” and “Title” fields.

With Winamp, default settings are normally alright.

It should be noted that, if you use an external metadata generator attached to your software, "StreamTitre" software doesn't work properly. You should rather use "Update Title".

Warning , if you do not send this information correctly, your direct access to the "Live" function may be deactivated. Indeed, this information is essential for us to respect royalties & copyright rules.

10. When I finish my "live show", when I disconnect, my radio plays ads in a loop. What may I do?

That means that our system “did not see you in live” and thus that your streaming software does not correctly send the metadata (see the point just before).
As soon as this required information is sent correctly, you won't have this problem any more.

11. At the end of the "live-show", when I disconnect, my radio doesn't reconnect to the RM, and plays silence. What must I do?

At this point, we did not succeed in reproducing this bug in an optimal configuration with these softwares:

⇨ SAM Broadcaster (non-free), above version 4.7.1, with Legacy MP3 (ACM Codec) encoder
⇨ Winamp (free), above version 5.57, with the Shoutcast DSP 2.x plug-in

On the other hand we could locate the problematic configurations to avoid:
- Missing or incorrect metadata sendings
- Installation of a second streaming software in parallel of Winamp or SAM (in particular MyRadiomatisme)
- MyRadiomatisme use
- Use of a malfunctioning external titles generator (in particular StreamTitre)
- packet losses (unstable or too low Internet connection)

12. Delay between broadcasting and listening.

You observe a delay between what is broadcasted by your automat, and what you hear on your radio, is it normal ?

Yes, a futher "buffer" exists between the lap time when you send your music via your automat, and when the listener listens to it.

Let's take an example with Sam Broadcaster :
SAM (buffer out of de 1 second) - Commutation Matrix (10 to 20 seconds of buffer) - Icecast 1 (around 1 or 2 seconds) - Icecast Relay (around 1 or 2 seconds) - Client Buffer (also may depend on its internet connection).
All theses buffers add together and gives you the observed timing delay (approx. an average of 20 seconds)
In order to assure the stability, it is not possible to reduce them.

13. " request me a login/password.

When I type the URL in a browser, a login and password is required, what must I do ?

You musn't use this direct URL !

To broadcast "live" you must absolutely use a Streaming software (Winamp or Sam Broadcaster). In these softwares you will have a spreadsheet to fill up with the information available on the RMO.

14. Deactivate the Sound Treatment when i go "live".

May I deactivate the Radionomy sound treatment when i broadcast "live" ?

It is suggested to producers who broadcast "live" and that use their own sound treatment, to deactivate Radionomy sound treatment.
Adding both will produce undesired results.

To do that, go to the "Settings" tab in the RMO, then "Information" and clear the check box "Live Compression".

15. I have just created my radio, can i go "live" immediately ?

No! Activiation to "live function" will be available after 24 hours following the creation.

16. How to perform adverts while broadcasting Live?

You get a radio on Radionomy, you must know how to air advertising during your "live" broadcasts on your radio..., in order to comply with the Radio Producer's Pact (and then avoid the deactivation of your radio).

You just have to simply broadcast a trigger file * on your radio.

There are two release sequences:

The first distribution must be between xx:10 and xx:30 (every hour)
The second must be between xx:40 and xx:59 (every hour)

* A trigger file is an audio file that can contain multiple elements (music, self promotion, PSAs, but NO PAID ADVERTISING).

This trigger, however, must have specific characteristics:
- have a specific duration of two minutes (+ or - 250 milliseconds),
- have in the artist name and title "Advert:" (using software to tag your file)
Note: If the trigger is a music file, add the artist and title to the tags after Advert:, e.g. Tag artist: Advert: Rolling Stones and tag title: Advert: Satisfaction
- this file mustn't be a "Blank MP3", whereas non-targeted listeners will hear the 2 minutes adverts.

So you create a filler of 120 seconds ARTIST = "Advert:" TITLE = "Advert:" (without ") and you add it in your live playlist twice an hour (between xx:10 and xx:30 and between xx:40 and xx:59) For countries with no ad, your filler will be broadcasted and for countries with ads, it will be automatically replaced by ads.

I live broadcast my playlist and it is 14:15, I find myself in the right window (xx:10-xx:30) to broadcast advertising, so I put my trigger file in my playlist (in my software), and distribute this file with specific tags (Advert: - Advert:). This will trigger the dissemination of advertising on your radio.


We repeat this during the second broadcast window: (xx:40 and xx:59)

It is important to note that if you miss more than 3 advertising screens in the same week, your access will be suspended to live.

17. Do I have to trigger the Advert file before quitting a Live session?

Yes, before the end of a live session end thus coming back to the RMO, trigger the Advert file in Live

18. How to proceed a Traceroute of its "live" when the I.T's ask for it ?

When you get troubles with live function, technical support frequently ask to proceed a traceroute of your Live address, in order to dertermine if the link between your broadcasting computer and the Radionomy platform is correct.

What is a traceroute ?

Traceroute (or tracert under Windows) is a program that allows us to follow the path that will take a data packet to go from a local machine to other machine connected to the Internet, Intranet...

How to proceed (under Windows) :

- Click on "Start",
- Select "Run"
- Type "cmd", then hit "Enter"
- In the DOS windows, after the invit "_" type this (without the quotes) : "tracert"
(modifiy livexxxx with your own live adress),

Result will appear like this

Détermination de l'itinéraire vers [] avec un maximum de 30 sauts :

_ _ 1_ _ _ _ <1 ms_ _ _ _ _ <1 ms_ _ _<1 ms_ _
_ _ 2_ _ _ _ 33 ms_ _ _ _ _ 34 ms_ _ _33 ms_ _
_ _ 3_ _ _ _ 54 ms_ _ _ _ _ 61 ms_ _ _33 ms_ _
_ _ 4_ _ _ _ 312 ms_ _ _ _ 320 ms_ _  330 ms_ _ []
_ _ 5_ _ _ _ 342 ms_ _ _ _ 352 ms_ _  333 ms_ _ []
_ _ 6_ _ _ _ 247 ms_ _ _ _ 266 ms_ _  227 ms_ _
_ _ 7_ _ _ _ 244 ms_ _ _ _ 226 ms_ _  247 ms_ _ []
_ _ 8_ _ _ _ 306 ms_ _ _ _ 336 ms_ _  338 ms_ _ []
_ _ 9_ _ _ _ 335 ms_ _ _ _ 358 ms_ _  333 ms_ _
_ _ 10_ _ _ _262 ms_ _ _ _ 229 ms_ _  238 ms_ _
_ _ 11_ _ _ _250 ms_ _ _ _ 223 ms_ _  226 ms_ _ []
_ _ 12_ _ _ _216 ms_ _ _ _ 226 ms_ _  244 ms_ _ []

Itinéraire déterminé.

If it is successful, the the two computers are correctly exchanging the datas. Your live function is technically fully potential.

19. SAM-BROADCASTER: Can we use the statistic relay ?


This feature, "statistic relay" in Sam broadcaster 4.9+ cannot be configured due to the Radionomy technical structure.

(Date Version: June 2013)

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