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Heads up if you use a dual server
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Author:  RichieRoby [ Thu Jul 10, 2014 2:09 am ]
Post subject:  Heads up if you use a dual server

Fellow Broadcasters, I want to let you know about a pitfall I ran into with the TuneIn app, and in case any of you have noticed a sudden marked drop in listeners, this maybe something you are running into.

My radio cluster currently runs on two "freemium" servers. Radionomy, and one that ends in loyalty. I've used them both over the last year, and while I am not going to compare the two (that's not what this is about) I do want to give you a heads up if you decide to "dual broadcast" your station.

If your listeners are on a desktop, TuneIn will take popup "loyalty" over Radionomy. July 1 this came effective, and I had to send another email to TuneIn instructing them to which servers I want them to point to. I'm in the process of shutting down the other server now.

If you've noticed a listener count drop and you broadcast live on both platforms, go check your tunein.

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