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Advice on station rebrand
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Author:  Profscooter [ Fri Apr 11, 2014 10:12 am ]
Post subject:  Advice on station rebrand

Hi all

Just wanted to get some thoughts on value of rebranding / relaunching a station. I am coming up to my 3 months and it looks like I will hit the minimum listenership so am looking ahead to get the numbers needed for 9 months. Since starting the station and listening to how it sounds, I have come up with a better "brand" for the station content and am wondering whether it is worth going ahead. I wanted to see if I got to the 3 month evaluation successfully before making a decision.

I know I am stuck with the existing station name and radionomy path/folder name for streaming, so it would seem that to make a complete break with the old identity I need to start a second station and transfer all my own content, boxes, clocks etc. over, and starting again to build up listeners, re-listing with Tunein and all those directories, etc. etc. I presume I would also have to re-do all the track mix settings. And I would probably lose my existing listeners so I would be starting again from scratch, so it sounds like a lot of effort just to start over.

Alternatively I could go for a dual brand option where everything on Radionomy stays as it is - perhaps change the description text or whatever I can - and then just use the new identity on the station's web site, Twitter, and any new directories I list on, etc. (even though the www path to the streaming address will still be the old name). This would be a lot less effort but might confuse listeners, who might think they are on the wrong station.

Or maybe the brand doesn't matter at all and I shouldn't worry about it, and just let the music do the talking.

Has anyone else been in this situation, what did you do? It's a shame there is not a Radionomy facility like you have with a Facebook Page, to make one change to the basic name. Or perhaps be able to do it for an admin fee.


Author:  Cheezenub [ Fri Apr 11, 2014 11:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice on station rebrand

I kind of did the option of adding to the brand. I started off with a pretty successful station running off Shoutcast with two streams on different bit rates. Things were going well. I had been looking at Radionomy for some months but was hesitant.

A new station would mean losing all my listeners I had worked so hard to get over the previous six months. If I didn't make the listener levels that Radionomy requires I would have to start everything over thus wasting over six months of work with my station.

This is when I decided to create a companion station. It would play some of the same music as my Shoutcast station, but not the same stream. I went about making the Radionomy station an additional station geared toward a narrower music selection than my main Shoutcast station. I promoted it on my website and even had promos running on my Shoutcast station. It is going quite well here at Radionomy. I easily hit the 12 hour/day mark and it looks like I will hit the 130 hour/day within the next couple weeks if things continue as they are. One thing to note, I have not submitted my Radionomy station to ANY internet radio directories. This is all from my own website promotion and running promos on my main station.

I hope to make the Radionomy stream my main stream. But only if they get their stats reporting, mobile apps, and ad insertion system more flexible. I have no problems with audio ads. That's what keeps things accessible for us the broadcaster/producer and the listener. I also need to get beyond the 1000 media item limit. This hampers my ability to be really flexible and produce a great product. I understand why it is done for new stations, but on the other hand it is a severe limitation to making a station successful.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that keeping what you have already created but adding a new "option" is the way to go in my opinion. Don't let your efforts go to waste, especially if you are on track to make your needed metrics with Radionomy.

Author:  Profscooter [ Sat Apr 12, 2014 9:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice on station rebrand

Thanks that's useful info. My thoughts are that the "rebrand" would help to widen the genres of music played so a second station could be useful for this, and I could make my current station more tightly defined in terms of what it plays.

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