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Introducing jquery-radionomy
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Author:  machour [ Sat Jun 04, 2016 9:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Introducing jquery-radionomy


Project page:

This is a jQuery plugin which will embed a radionomy web radio in your page. It also allow you to define page width breakpoints which will cause the player to be resized as you see it fit for your responsive website.



Via Bower:

$ bower install jquery-radionomy

Or, add jquery-radionomy to your app's bower.json.

  "dependencies": {
    "jquery-radionomy": "latest"


jquery.radionomy.js can be downloaded directly into your app's public directory - just be sure you've loaded jQuery first.

curl -LO ... dionomy.js
WARNING Do not hotlink the raw script url. GitHub is not a CDN.


$('#myDivThatWillBeReplaced').radionomy(options, breakpoints);


The options parameter is the array of configuration for Radionomy itself:

Name Description Default value
url Your radio id (required)
autoplay Whether to auto play the radio or not 0
volume Your radio id (required)
type Layout type. Valid types are: horizontal / medium / mobile horizontal
color1 Background color for radio overlays #f1ffc4
color2 Foreground color for radio overlays #ff844f
language The radio language en
version The radionomy internal version number 1.1


The breakpoints parameter should be a numerically and ascendantly sorted object composed of width => type properties. The plugin will watch for the page width and will use the releveant Radionomy embed type. This parameter can be ommited if you don't need this "responsive" feature.


    url: 'my-radio-id',
    type: 'horizontal'
    autoplay: 1
  }, {
    // Make sure you keep the entries numerically sorted !
    400: 'mobile', // use mobile format when page width <= 400
    800: 'medium', // guess on your own now
    1000: 'horizontal'

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