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Author:  angelarenahouston [ Wed Jan 28, 2015 10:45 am ]
Post subject:  Radionomy Social Share - Facebook and Twitter Feed Posts

Hi Radionomy,

For your information, I received Facebook and Twitter posts from my Planner today! However, I removed the Radionomy Social Share feature because the playing songs' posts started to clutter my feeds. It would be nice to have one updating post feed.

Update: I have decided to add the share feature again. For example, Facebook and Twitter receives posts from my featured playlist.

The shared Radionomy posts have reached Facebook members and Twitter members!

Smart Box / Share Edition

Radionomy Share Message
PlayingNow! %art% %tit% MusicChoice TwitterMusic 80sFunkDance

Update: If you do not receive song posts after making your Smart Box / Share Edition changes, you might need to regenerate your day templates. The Technical Info / Reboot (i.e., Reload Station) might make a difference if regenerating does not.


Angela Rena Houston,
80s Funk Dance Music,

Twitter Account: 80sFunkDance
Twitter Website:

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