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Author:  lnthiebaut [ Fri Oct 04, 2013 6:42 am ]
Post subject:  9- Will i be able to add my own titles/jingles ?

:: Will i be able to add my own titles/jingles ? ::

Every creator can include its own music, and contents on its radio, as long he holds the files legally :

1- Buy of the physical support ; CD, MP3 (keep the bill, tickets, Donwload forms confirmations,...),
2- Getting the written authorizations of the owners for the promotionnals releases (mail, letter, ....)

Those followings, CANNOT be broadcasted on the platform :
- Files with DRM,
- Musicals DVD (or extracts from it),
- Offensant, pedophile, rascists, provocatives contents,
- Mix and/or bootleg not coming from an official source (or from the buy of a vinyl or CD),
- Audio extractions coming from video files from the Web (YouTube, DailyMotion,...) submitted to copyrights (Coverage, documentary, movies,...)

To be noted: A maximum quota of 1,000 files (all elements, music, ji,ngles, podcasts,...) is applied to a radio that have been activated less than 3 months. (Quota goes to 3,000, after 3 months).

Author:  lnthiebaut [ Fri Oct 04, 2013 7:05 am ]
Post subject:  10- Will i be able to broadcast "live" (direct) via Radionom

:: Will i be able to broadcast "live" (direct) via Radionomy ? ::

Via the Radionomy plateform you can boradcast your programs in "Direct/Live" ( promptly or contiously)

Author:  lnthiebaut [ Fri Oct 04, 2013 7:18 am ]
Post subject:  11- How to get paid of revenues with my radio ?

:: How to get paid of revenues with my radio ? ::

Starting a specified level of broadcasting, Radionomy share its revenues with the radio creator. (This functionality is actually in "Beta version" , and can be modified anytime).

False audience generations in order to get paid of revenue sharing are not authorized. So are prohibited ;
- Partnership with sites proposing illegals offers (i.e: download, Warez,...),
- generating a none aware audience of a radio, whatever, whatsoever the way (autoplay with volume at zero, several players on a same page,...)

/!\ As mentionned in "Radio Producers Pact", violation of these section can occasion the definitive desactivation of the radio.

Author:  lnthiebaut [ Fri Oct 04, 2013 7:45 am ]
Post subject:  12- Can i broadcast my fradio in a public place ?

:: Can i broadcast my fradio in a public place (pub, beerhouse, store, festivals, in the streets,...) ? ::

Radionomy cover Authors Copyrights / Royalities only for the use in a private circle, this notion including familly (but also friends).

However, beyound this circle (i.e: public places), it is your responsability to get onto the appropriate authorities (Sacem, Sabam,...) to conform yourself with the country laws where you radio will be broadcasted (Only if the radio will be broadcasted on public places and that your are the Broadcaster).

Samples: .

1) I've obtain from an store (in France) the authorization to broadcast my radio on their shop (that receive public), do i have to pay myself authors copyrights ?
The Office manager is the only responsible of what is broadcasted on his shop. So it is its responsability to get the required legal authorizations (Sacem, SCPP, here) for the broadcast of your radio.

2) I plan a party (none private) and i would like to broadcast my radio, do i have any statement to proceed ? According the country, people organizing parties (receiving public) must obtain authorizations from the local Authors Copyrights institutions, granting rights to broadcast music.

Here is a non exhaustive list of the principal Authors Copyrights institutions :

France-------------->SACEM, SACD
Holland------------->BUMA, CEDAR
South Africa------->SAMRO
United Kingdom-->PRS
USA----------------->ASCAP, BMI, SESAC

Author:  lnthiebaut [ Fri Oct 04, 2013 7:59 am ]
Post subject:  13- What is the streaming format at Radionomy ?

:: What is the streaming format at Radionomy ? ::

Any created radio via Radionomy get an mp3 stream with a 128 Kbps rate (44100Hz - Stéréo).

However, in order to improve the listenning experience with the use of mobile devices (Phones, Tablets, Smartphones, ...), an audio low-level streaming is availalble for radios that reached the level of 130 Hrs / day audience; This stream is : AAC (64 Kbps).

How does it works ?

Your streaming radio link will be at this format :; if the auditor comes from a mobile device, an automatic detection will redirect him to the low-level stream of 64 KBps. (if your radio reached 130 hrs / day of course).

If, however, you want to force the use of the 128 Kbps, you will have to use this URL: On contrary, if you want to force the use of the 64 Kbps (on give a low level link) you will have to use this URL:

To be noted:
If you use the listen64 URL link, whereas your radio is not eligible, auditors will be redirected to the 128 Kbps stream.
A reboot via the settings tab of the RMO -> Technical Information is needed to enable the AAC+ 64 kbps stream.

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