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Author:  lnthiebaut [ Sun Sep 22, 2013 6:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Newcomers ? / Read This!

You are a newcomer on this Board? We wish you welcome !

For a god start , we invit you to answer/or consult, theses followings, in order to offer you a support/help/advice that will be as close as you've looked for :

1-Consult the Board rules,
2-Board Navigation,
3-Complete your signature,
4-How to report an issue or a problem (technical support),
5-Consult the F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions,
6-Present your project and talk about you,

Author:  lnthiebaut [ Tue Sep 24, 2013 10:42 am ]
Post subject:  1-Board Rules.


1. Prerequisites:

All posts must be motivated by a common respect of all opinions, and all persons. In case of doubt about how to comport oneself on the board, you can ask you yourself;

• Is this conversation useful and constructive?
• Do I comport myself like this outside Internet?
• Would I feel welcome, if i was consulting this board for the first time?
• Will my post hurt someone's sensibilities?
Radionomy offers you a virtual house, that we would like to maintain as welcoming as possible, for the interest of all.
You do radio, you talk daily to people. Do you think these auditors will encourage an angry producer, or an unpolite one ?

2. Participate with intelligence.

We don't allow any obscene, vulgar, or racist language. In addition, personnal insults, aggressive language, saucy language, and personal insults are strictly prohibited. All of this is forbidden.

We will delete posts and ban contributors that ask advice about or encourage illegals activities, including, and without limit to, reproductions or broadcast of unlicensed intellectual property.

You have to be the legal owner of all materials you post on this Board.

Please do pay attention to spelling, it will improve the reading by other board members, and answers also.

"You're Welcome" and "Thanks" are both words that are always appreciated by other members.

3. Respect the subject of a topic and don't duplicate the same subject uselessly.

The Board's search engine will allow you to easily find if a previously opened subject has already been created by another member. It's better to post inside this same subject, than to create another similar one. The answer to your question will be fluent.

Many Board's members have created friendships with other members. However, posting personal conversations on the board, will probably will not interest all the community. So use the PM (Personal Message) function for this purpose.

Respect the topic's subject. Each topic has been posted in order to obtain a precise answer.

All messages or discussions that are impertinent with a topic will be deleted.

4. No harassment by other Board members is tolerated.

Discussions of controversial subjects on Radionomy Board can exist only if all members feel welcomed and secure. If you're not able to give friendly advice to another member, it's better to refrain from posting at all.

We do not tolerate :
• Off topic controversial exchanges
• Messages targeting any board member that are intended to insult , attack, or disparage

5. Any malicious, insulting, or degrading attack toward an employee of Radionomy or the moderators is forbidden.

Fallacious declarations or speculatives ones about Radionomy's policies or procedures will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Private correspondence between a member and a Radionomy staff member, morderator, or Radionomy's partner should not be reproduced, retransmitted, or discussed on the Board.

Radionomy reserves the right to publish and comment on any personal communications maintained or published elsewhere with other employees, partners, or Board's members.

6. Commercial links, Promotional links and spam.

Of course, any links to useful tools for managing radios are welcome. However, these links may not be to Radionomy's competing sites, or any other third party site not relevant to Radionomy.

The Board shall in no case be used for commercial purposes.

We do not place our advertising on competitor's forums and in return we ask this fair-play mentality to be applied to us.

Non-compliance of this rule can lead to a permanent ban of a member's account without any notice.

7. Privacy of other members.

Each member of the Board is committed to respect the privacy of others, and to not publish anyone's real names, addresses, phone numbers, or e-mail address.

8. Technical Support.

This section of the Board allows you to relate concerns you may face with your radio or to offer an answer for the benefit of all to other problems you have personally encountered and have solved.

A few elements are important in order to be able to provide you a quick answer :

• Signature

Your signature is important, because once filled up it will allow the forum staff to identify your radio with easily.
Don't forget to fill it up on the site : connecting to your account
Your radio link in your signature must link directly to your radio's Radionomy page.
If you manage additional radios, don't forget to mention which one is concerned by your topic.

• Elements that must be included in reports –

a. Broadcasting problems

- Precise description of the problem
- Precise time the problem occurred
- Concerned track, and also the previous and following ones. (Do a Copy/Paste from the STATS tab of the RMO)
- Excerpt of the planning (CSV Export of your planning)
- Player used (Winamp, WMP, iTunes, etc.)

(It is important to note that all problems have less than 24 hours to be fixed, and that you cannot regenerate your planning after the incident, or we cannot trace the cause of the problem.)

b. RMO management issues

- Precise description of the problem
- Precise time the problem occurred
- Precise file name and type (jingle, podcast, etc...)
- The web browser you were using when you experience the issue,

c. Live streaming issues

Before all reports please check that the answer is not already available in the "Live FAQ".

If you don't find your answer, please provide

- Precise description of the problem (error code or any message)
- Precise time the problem occurred (please check your program logs)
- TCP/IP address (Send it via a PM including your topic link)
- Software used (Sam Broadcaster, Winamp, etc...)

If you can post any screenshots, they can be useful in solving issues.

In any case, we ask you to clearly and coherently answer any supplemental questions from a Modo or an Admin. We are attentive and happy to help you, but sometimes we need your collaboration to make that happen.

Once the issue is solved, please let us know as soon as possible. Your topic will be renamed as [SOLVED] and closed. Your topic will then be able to be used later by other members.

9. Radionomy reserves the right to delete any message for any reason.

We want to remove a minimal amount of messages, but we will take any necessary measures to ensure that the Board remains a welcoming and constructive forum for discussion.

Author:  lnthiebaut [ Tue Sep 24, 2013 10:46 am ]
Post subject:  2-Board navigation

:: 2-Board Navigation ::

The Board is divided in 5 categories (each catogorie is also divided in sub-directories) :

Official Announcements (Read-only, posting here is not authorized) :
All of official announcements (maintenances, announcements, importants communications,...)

Documentation (Read-only, posting here is not authorized):
From the beginning of your radio project to its publication, broadcasting in "Direct/Live", all you need to know to create and activate your radio !

Improvement - Promotion, websites, SEO (Read-only, posting here is not authorized) :
Anything that will help you to make your radio grow. (Website creation, improve your programs, referencements,...)

Sharing - Compare, exchange, propose, seek (posting here is authorized)

- Share your tips (HTML/PHP CMS, CSS codes, ...)
- Seek advice from the community (on the use of a software, device, specific configuration,...)
- Discuss your radio projects,
- Discuss about topics in relation to Radionomy
- Suggest improvements...

Technical Support (posting here is authorized)
Your technical support requests, follow up of broadcasting, known issues...

Off the air (posting here is authorized)
Debates, advertisements, off-topic ...not in relation with Radionomy

Author:  lnthiebaut [ Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:04 am ]
Post subject:  3-Complete your signature.

:: 3-Complete your signature ::

In order to allows the team to give you the best help, it's important to fill up correctly your profile / signature.

User Control Panel > Profile > Edit Profile > Fill up the area "Radio 1" below "Birthday".

You can also adds these informations in your signature, visible below every thread :

User Control Panel > Profile > Edit Signature.

Notice: Please don't link too big pictures on your signature.

Author:  lnthiebaut [ Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:05 am ]
Post subject:  4-Report an issue or a problem

:: 4-Report an issue or a problem ::

Technical support is available ONLY via this present Board.
Each problem requires information so that we can help you. You are therefore invited to provide this information if it is requested.

When questions are asked, they are intended only to assist you as quickly as possible by having good information available.
Without clear answers from you, your problem might not be resolved or the time to obtain a resolution might be longer than necessary.

Here are some essential rules to get quick technical help if needed:

Solving an problem/issue :
Each problem needs informations to help us to treat it. You are so invited to provide theses infortmations if they are required.

When questions are asked, their goal is only to help you as qsuickly as we can, as long we get the proper informations.
Without clear and precises answers from yours, your problem may not be solved, or it will take longer time.


- You need to register yourself on the board or connect on it,
- You need to complete your signature,
- Consult the "F.A.Q",
- Do a search to verify that a response has not been already given

Depending the case you get, specific elements needs to be included onto your post, to be transmeited to the IT's team :

1 - Streaming problem (and/or adverts) :

- The most precise description of the problem (+ advert name, if its an advert sissue)
- Time when it occured(must be less than 24 hours)
- Concerned tracks. Do a Copy/Paste or screenshot of the elements that have been played (i.e. from
- Extract of the concerned planning (CSV export of your planning from the RMO or screenshot of detailed planning page)
- Used player (Winamp, WMP, VLC, iTunes, others,...)
- IP adress of the device from witch you listened. (Advert problem)

Servers logs are available for 24 hrs only, it is so very important to proceed to this statement. as quicker as possible and to not have re generated your planning, because the logs will so be reinitialized.

2 - RMO management problem :

- The most precise description of the problem (structure, clock, file upload, generation,...)
- Time when it happened (must be less than 24 hours, and also, to check if a maintenance wasn't scheluded or running)
- Complete name of the file + type (jingle, podcast, etc...)
- Browser used, and its version (Radionomy recommand the use of Google Chromze for the RMO)

3 - "Direct/live function" :

First of all, verify in the "Direct/Live F.A.Q", if all checked points are OK.

- Broadcasting software used and its version (Sam Broadcaster, WinAmp, VirtualDj, My Radiomatisme,...)
- Time when it happened (must be less than 24 hours)
- IP address of the computer that is used to broadcasr "live" (to be sended as PM to a modo with the link of your subject). Never post it directly on the forum
- Do a "traceroute" of your IP adress (Check the "Direct/Live F.A.Q")

After reading all these, you knwo what element to transmit us, start a new post, click here

====================>>Begin a new post...<<====================


Once your topic is opened, it will be annotated by the team as :

- "Incomplete" : the post doesn't include the requiered elements to its treatment (signature, what was played, timing,....),
- "Duplicate" : the post is locked, because a similar post is already treated,
- "Pending": we have taken in charge your problem (Supplementals informations are required),
- "Transmited": the problem requires a report and a possible intervention of the technical team,
- "Solved": the problem is solved. (The post is then locked).

Please Note : If you do not provide answers to our questions, or if we did not receive news from you for 30 consecutive days, we will assume that your problem is solved.

Screenshots may be requiered according the problem.

Conclusion :

Finally, to conclude, regardless of the severity of your problem, nervousness and bad temper won't help to solve it quicker. On the other hand, clear answers and a level head will surely help. Please also note that the members and moderators are volunteers.They are just trying to help you, so that's important, you express yourself clearly with a minimal effort with, ortograph.

Author:  lnthiebaut [ Mon Sep 30, 2013 11:18 am ]
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Author:  lnthiebaut [ Mon Sep 30, 2013 11:18 am ]
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Author:  lnthiebaut [ Mon Sep 30, 2013 11:18 am ]
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Author:  lnthiebaut [ Mon Sep 30, 2013 11:18 am ]
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