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PostPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:56 pm 
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:: You would like to create your own webradio, but you don't know how to begin ? Well let's get it... read these... ::

1 - To define your radio operator project well before his creation:

Which musical programming hope you to propose, which specificity you will bring, in what your radio will be it different from the other already existing radios, hope you to produce contents, which particular knowledge (as a programmer) you will be able to propose to make your project innovative (is it on a precise subject or a kind that you know well like the Scottish technopopunderground).

That are as many questions as it is necessary for you to be posed, free there to return later in order to be sure that your project will find its public thanks to a precise targeting and an originality necessary to find and "catch" an audience.

2 - To find the good name:

Once that made, you here are ready to give a name to your radio. It is very important because this one will determine the future of your radio on many plans: referencing Web, name which one retains easily, obviousness of the name compared to the musical color, etc… A hooker slogan joined with the name can also make it possible to give character to your radio.

Obviously, it is extremely important to check that this one is not already used so, not only to avoid legal concern, but also to make your radio original.

3 - To prepare and test your programming upstream:

Once your radio is on the way, you sail without net, each listener who connects himself and does not find its account, will probably become a lost listener. It is thus essential that its programming is solid before putting it at the antenna.

Prepare on your computer various files containing the mp3, the contents, classified as if they were already vats. Pre-listen to these files locally in order to give an account of their coherence to you. Adjust in function their respective contents.

Start to put your future grid of the programs and its specificities. If you program typical contents , figure to have some of them in advance in order to avoid to be out of time one week when you will not be able to feed it.

Once this ready “pre-grid” (with the need via a spreadsheet, referring to your files “vats”), you here are ready to start the vast subject of the "Radio-look". Indeed, this one determines the character and the "feeling" of your radio. A pretty voice or a specific preparing will hang the listener, will speak to him.
Prepare general jingles (name of the radio, name and slogan, etc), jingles inviting to visit the site, and finally specific jingles to each one of your emissions, with the name, the schedule, etc… A specific topic will be devoted the preparing, but will know that there does not need inevitably many means.

4 - Prepare your site and your Internet presence:

Choose the platform which seems to you to be appropriate best (domain name and whole site or blog). Choose a simple domain name, shortest possible, easily memorable and evocative.

Look after the design, propose the name of your radio and try to return the design in agreement with the color of your radio. Often, when one goes on a site of radio, one seeks a long time before knowing what it programs, is needed that the site gives desire for listening, entices the pass by and incites it to click on “Play”. A specific topic will be devoted to the creation of the site but there still, with a little preparation, not need for much for means.

To launch your site upstream, at the same time makes it possible to test it and prepare it quietly but also to create waiting

=> i.e: you await “Relaxed Radio, the smoothest radio in the world! ” Grand opening on February 31st, 2012!
You want to be held with the current? You in Newsletter subscribe.

You benefit from it thus to already constitute you a file of listeners interested by your project, before even as it is launched.

Nothing prevents you a little everywhere teaser (FaceBook, U-Tube with small a video being completed on one “In your ears on February 31st”, etc)

Create also right now a page or a FaceBook group, a Twitter page and start with teaser on your future baby.

In short, play the buzz before launching.

5 - To create your radio:

You are ready to program “in truth” your radio and to pass to the real project.
Thus create your radio on the Radionomy site, download and install the Radio operator Manager.

Once that made, you with uploader attack the various elements prepared as a preliminary (music and jingles by vats, emissions, contained…), to create your clocks, day-templates according to the grid which you established.

Send then your first plannings in order to activate your radio. You now have just launched the machine, but nothing is finished.

6 - To announce the birth of the radio:

Send already the emails of advertisement to your “pre-listeners” in priority, give them the VIP feeling.
Look after your written expression well and the contents, add an image or a logo to brighten the whole.

“Relaxed Radio” the radio smoothest in the world! ” announces to you in preview that the day of February 14th is placed under the sign of softness. Listen to that on "

Then, prepare a press release (see the help blog for some addresses where to diffuse them). There describe your project, your team, your specificity and originality. You sell.
Then send them to all blogs and sites in connection with your programming.

For example, the official statement “Birth the Relaxed one” will usefully be sent to the blog “Signal relaxing sites” which will perhaps speak about it.
Also propose to them to add a player your radio if the contact is good.

The specialized press, according to your crenel, can also be interested. “Life Magazine” will be probably very interested by Relaxed-radio.

7 - To check and adapt its programming:

Ask returns to your listeners, listen to yourself lengthily your radio and regularly to determine its weak points and its strong points. Adjust then the programming according to your conclusions.

8 - To refer your radio:

Normally, if you exploited § 5 well, you have already a certain number of listeners and blogs or site will have to even perhaps adopt your player like "a mascot".
Now, it is a question of referring you to make known to you and to constitute an additional audience (see the help blog and the forum for the detail: Itunes, OrangeLive, etc).
Profit also to refer your Internet site.

9 - To establish partnerships on the ground:

In the same idea, do not hesitate to make known to you using distribution of stickers, to establish partnerships, for example (see the help blog and the forum, but also, you dig the brain to have the original idea which will make fly). Do not remain not stuck to your screen.

10 - To maintain its radio and its site/blog:

At this point there of the history, if your radio is good, original, sticking and jokes to listen, you do not have any more but to wait than the word of mount functions and to collect the bay-trees of your work.
However, you do not deaden above, it is important, for a webradio, to regularly renew its programming thanks to regular updates (innovations, working capital). And to announce all that with great reinforcement of Newsletter. Organize interviews, the event-driven ones… In short, made live your media!

And afterwards:

You give pleasure, do not hesitate to call you in question, to speak with everyone about the radio and… especially, to surround you by good wills which will help you to provide contents, to equip, to enrich, promotionner…

If you feel that your audience bends, that you lose ground, change… You adapt, evolve/move…

Beautiful road with all!

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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